When Paper Complements Wholesale Jewelry

Any gift impresses not only by what it is in itself but by the wrapping it comes in. The wrapping says how much a person cares and loves someone as much as the item inside it does.

This is especially true when wrapping jewelry, because it is a very personal and valuable gift, so it must show its worth and importance even before it is opened.

You, as a jewelry distributor, have to pamper your clients. You should be always researching new ways to present and gift-wrap your jewelry pieces to add value and interest for your clients. A beautiful wrapping can be as exciting as the piece itself, making the client feel they have made the best decision ever by purchasing a jewelry piece from you.

A wonderful new idea you should try is the gift bag. The idea is to present your clients with a unique and generous gift bag to thank them for every purchase. This is something you can do yourself; it is fast and impeccable, but the best part is indeed the result, a jaw-dropping gift bag that will certainly be cherished, commented, and even displayed at home.

These paper gift bags take about five minutes to create, give a lifetime of enjoyment, and can truly boost your jewelry sales. We will explain here how you can start creating these wonderful bags right away. Most probably, you have some wallpaper samples or leftover pieces of it around your home. If you don’t, just take a quick ride to the nearest DIY store and grab some pieces with wonderful designs. As you very well know, nothing is disposable these days; thus, this is a great way to use those small wallpaper pieces that you probably thought you’d never use ever again.

The idea is to wrap a box with the wallpaper. Cereal boxes and rice boxes are awesome, but truly, any box in your kitchen will work great if you have a clear idea of what you need. So, go on and wrap that box like you would a gift, gluing the paper together as you go on three sides (prefer UHU glue). Leave one side of the bag unglued so that it is easy to take the cereal box out and just leave the paper gift bag. Once the glue has dried, fold the top or open edge of the bag inside, to make a nice top edge. Next, use a hole punch to make some holes and insert some ribbon or twine to work as gorgeous handles for your bag. Garden twine works great to achieve a rustic look, while satin provides a very elegant option.

You can be sure your clients will be very excited to get such a creative and special gift bag; it really shows caring customer service and an eye for detail, but most importantly, they will be amazed to know you created them yourself. Many will ask how you make them, so you can post the instructions to your jewelry blog, for example, where they will have to access them to view them, encouraging people to read your posts.

Added value will certainly get you returning customers, and it gets even better, since you spent almost nothing to create something unique, handmade, and recycled. Ask your jewelry wholesaler for more ideas; after all, they’re in the jewelry business too, and will also benefit from your repeat business.

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